Gabris House

Trencin, Slovakia
Design 2008/9, Completed 2009

This single storey house with adjacent separate office is located in the garden of owners of older house, built in 1950-ties, that is going to be reconstructed in 2011. Together they will form housing for members of three generations of the family.

Layout and shape of the house is result of client requirements, limited budget, spatial possibilities of the site, and orientation towards the sun. Resulting floorplan shape is intersection of triangle and rectangle, giving the best use of remaining garden together with the use of the house. All living rooms have direct access to covered terrace facing the garden. Kitchen and bathroom are lit by large skylights.

Gabris House

Gabris House

Trencin, Slovakia
Design 2008/9, Completed 2009

Private Client Client


415 sqm Site area

205 sqm Building area

150 sqm Total Floor area


1 floor Scale

Timber Structure


René Dlesk Design Architect

Ľubomír Poruban In Association With


Ľubomír Gašpárek Structural Engineer

Marián Henek (heating), Dušan Záhumenský Services Engineers

Jozef Vlna Electricity Engineer

Energy Concept s.r.o. Physics

Ľubomír Poruban Site Manager

HALMEX s.r.o. Garden

Ľubomír Poruban Project Managemnt

Martin Čomor Photography

P-U-R-A Digital Imaging

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