Cottage reconstruction in Zebrakov

Zebrakov – Zduchovice, Czech Republic
Design 2013

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Cottage reconstruction in Zebrakov

Every day we wonder, how uneasy it must be for common people (we mean those that are not interested in architecture) to identify qualities in buildings other than those that can be directly quantified in prize of building material and labor necessary to construct that building.

The more pleasing is the situation that happened to us now, when we were contacted by client that feels doubts about qualities of building proposal that he logically entrusted to authorized long standing professional with good contacts to local craftsmen to secure that things will go smoothly.

It is reconstruction of small building – a cottage. The clients repeatedly reminded us with care that they rather prefer “classic” and they don’t really appreciate “modern architecture”, without much defining the meanings of those words in commas.

After presenting our proposal of reconstruction to clients and comparison of mainly programmatic issues with the previous proposal, the above mentioned doubts changed to certainty, that changes we proposed will bring them not only utilitarian enhancements but also added value to mere prize of building material and labor that would be necessary to invest almost equally in case of both proposed buildings.

Due to this reason, the construction of this simple building is also going to become more complicated (as work of group of people that needs to cooperate is always more complicated when compared to work of individual that does not need to deal with anyone) as we are going to artistic-supervise the construction to avoid craftsmen being lost in misunderstanding of order of some hard to be perceivable values.


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rendering of previous version of proposal (read text for description)

comparison of plans design

comparison of elevations design, sections

comparison of elevations design

Cottage reconstruction in Zebrakov

Zebrakov – Zduchovice, Czech Republic
Design 2013

Private Client Client

69 sqm Building area

68 sqm (does not include external terrace and entrance) Usable Floor area

2 floorsScale

Masonry, Timber Structure

René Dlesk Design Architect

Roy Nash Collaboration

David Vytvar Structural Engineering

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