A Da Fieno

Alessandra Da Fieno is Partner at P-U-R-A and Design Director of the studio in Geneva. 
She graduated from the Architecture School Victor Horta of the ULB in Brussels Belgium and went on to do her Masters Degree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid specializing in Sustainable design and intelligent buildings. Her thesis in the sustainability of high-rise towers led her to work with international architecture practices on many prominent buildings including the Espacio Tower in Madrid, the Axa tower refurbishment in La Defense, Paris and the Al Asima tower in Kuwait. Swiss registered architect (REG A and MPQ) after spearheading many award winning design competitions, namely the Espanyol Football Stadium in Barcelona and the Inner Harbor Bridge (Inderhavnsbro) in Copenhagen with Cezary Bernadski and Roy E. Nash, Alessandra has worked with Swiss heritage on many punctual historical transformations in the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud. Creative and dynamic specialized in the management of large projects within international organizations, her work led her to work on larger urban Master plan projects, the Canal City project of Dubai and a development study of the coastline of Oman for their Ministry of Tourism.