G Brandis

Gianluca Brandis is an Italian architect active in Italy, Cameroon and Croatia. Working both for private clients and as a consultant for architectural firms.
He graduated with first class honours at Politecnico di Milano with a project of an underground museum in Beirut Lebanon. He founded in 2008 MAGA (associazione dei giovani architetti della provincia di Milano) an association focused on the promotion of young architects in cooperation with OAM (Ordine architetti Milano). In more than 20 years of career, he took responsibility for large building construction and renovation from the project to the construction. He works on works sites supervision, technical and business management, audit and control, order management. He is also expert in managing administrative procedures to obtain construction licenses and dealing with municipalities.  His activity is based in Italy (hotels 15.000-20.000sqm, Residential 6.000sqm, several small projects 100-500sqm), Cameroon (hotel 25.000sqm, residential/commercial 5.000sqm) and Croatia (residential-tourism). He draws projects also for entrpreneurial activity in saudi arabia (healt care facility 15.000sqm) and Qatar (head quarter premises 30.000sqm)